Success is Often Preceded by Failure

Success-Bounce-off-Bottom quote George Patton

Are You Resilient & Will You Bounce Back?

Most things aren’t as easy as they seem… it might require some real effort!

Over the last few years, I’ve tried to stop using the phrase “it’s easy.”  For whatever reason, I started hearing it all the time, in fact, I was saying it a lot myself!

One thing is certain, nothing is easy, at least until you have done it a few times or maybe a few hundred times.

Success is How Well You Bounce on the Bottom – George S. Patton (November 11, 1885 – December 21, 1945)

Now, there are various levels of success.  Each level has a price!  The question is, are you willing to pay that price!

Basic Requirements for Achieving Success:

  • Willingness to take Risk
  • Being Fully Committed
  • It Takes Sacrifices
  • Ability to Make Tough Choices
  • Not Afraid to Fail… it can happen and most likely will
  • Completely Focused – No Distractions
  • No SHORTCUTS – Don’t Waste Time, Do It Right
  • Time – a lot of Hard Work

So Ask yourself these questions:  “Am I willing to commit to doing what’s necessary”?  “Do I really want this bad enough to pick myself up if I fail and try again”?  Your answers will determine your level of commitment to your achieving success.

So, You Decide “What Level of Success do want”?

Here are the 3 Basic Levels of Success;

  1. Having Stability – Getting by
  2. Thriving – Enough to get ahead, more than you need
  3. Freedom – Abundance, enough to share & do what you choose

There’s no wrong answer, it’s up to you, you decide.  Are you going to be outworked, or are you going to be the one that outworks your competition!

No One Ever Should Say “it’s Going to Be Easy” because it’s Not!  It can be fun!

Bounce Off The Bottom, find your Success at whatever you do.

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