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A “dub nation” fan (NBA Golden State Warriors)… I too believe there is “Strength in Numbers”.

Papa Dub Story…

If you’re reading this, then welcome… Papa Dub blog is a project that has been rattling around in my head for the better part of 20 plus years.  Yes, it started back during the early years of the internet.  In was 1995 when I built and designed my first website… using the software FrontPage.   I had no idea how big the internet was going to become, at the time we were just excited to play with it!  We really embraced it as a way to connect with other businesses as well as stay connected to family.  The internet was a incredible tool, it was much faster than the Post Office.  It was better than the fax machine.  Simply put, I love new technology…

So, here we are many years later!

PapaDub.com serves one purpose; it gives me a place online to write my Rants, Reveries & Ruminations (my trademarked tagline).  Long Overdue!

About Me:

  • Lets Get it out of the way… I have a Sunglass Fetish.  I own it!  I’ve had it for a long time and it’s not going anywhere.
  • I’m a proud father of three (read my post – Fatherhood for details)
  • My political views are those of a Libertarian
  • Love Coffee Shops – Love My Morning Coffee (usually black/bold roast)Papa Dub
  • I’m an avid sports participant and fan.
  • Enjoy the outdoors… Never can get enough fresh air
  • Dogs are my favs – Just lost my best GRRRRR Friend to old age (Razz is playin’ fetch in dog heaven)
  • Yes, one of my favorite movies is “All Good Dogs Go to Heaven” Burt Reynolds the voice of Charlie and Dom DeLuise as the voice of Itchy
  • At my Daughter’s recent wedding, my Father & Daughter dance was to the song; “Soon You’ll Come Home
  • I’m a bit of a work-alcoholic – I love what I do…
  • Free Thinker – Risk Taker
  • Strong Opinions about most things
  • Avid reader and a News, Current Affairs Junkie
  • Love Traveling… allows me that time to reset

Anyway, enough about me!

PapaDub.com will allow anyone to comment and express their 1st Amendment rights of FREE speech with a few limitations;

  3. NO FOUL LANGUAGE (damn, hell not a problem) By the way, I can spew the F-word with the worst of em’.

So there you go…. hope to hear from anybody that want to comment on my Rants, Reveries or Ruminations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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