Happiness is a Choice

Happiness - Pacific Ocean Sunset October 2019

You Want to be Happy or Happier?

Smile & Laugh More…

Smiling and laughing lightens the soul and can bring you a sense of inner peace.

We’re living in a world where Love, Respect & Tolerances are in short supply.

Let’s Stop It!

Create a new approach, a deviation from the standard. Start a new normal. 

All this unhappiness we’re witnessing today is manifesting its self in anger, hate, and even violence! Have you noticed it?

Want More Love, Respect, or Tolerance? Then Give More!

The pursuit of happiness suggestions:

Create positive energy around yourself by taking note of the many beautiful things you experience every day. Notice the beautiful sunrise, or maybe the amazing sunset (like the one above).

Get back to keeping it simple! Love your neighbor, Respect others right to look different, think, and feel differently. Start looking for the best in others, voice your positive thoughts, rid yourself of the negative ones, they will never serve you well as you strive to be happy or happier. Appreciate differences, embrace them, learn from them, find a sense of inner peace from these positive actions.

  • Practice of Toleration
  • Find Health and Happiness Daily
  • Spend Time Around Happy People

It is so much better than hating and being angry all the time!

Happiness starts from within; choose to be happy.  Create positive emotions & energy!

Make a difference in the lives you come into contact with, even if it’s only for a brief moment. It all helps!

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