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What’s Wrong With Good Clean Civil Discourse?

Calm down, breathe and seek to understand… You might learn something.

A few days ago I was reading a series of tweets by Dana Loesch (@DLoesch – Author of Flyover Nation) along with the retweets/replies.  The attacks were unreal.  When I say attacks, I mean ATTACKS!  These people were vicious, hateful, very personal and completely disrespectful.

Agreeing or Disagreeing with someone’s point of view is fine, but these ugly attacks must stop!

In one of Dana’s replies she used the word Ad Hominem to describe how a person rather than just Dana Loeschdisagree and make their case with some information, they personally attacked her.

 I hadn’t heard the word “Ad Hominem” in quite some time, but it really spoke to the underlying issue.  Rather than good clean conversations, we’ve gotten to where it’s mostly hate, and malicious attacking.  Hell, we can’t even “Agree to Disagree” anymore!

FYI – here’s the definition of “Ad Hominem.

ad ho·mi·nem / ad ˈhämənəm

  • (of an argument or reaction) directed against a person rather than the position they are maintaining.  “vicious ad hominem attacks”

So, Whether it’s on one of the News Networks, Twitter, Facebook, etc. it’s nothing but polarized rants from both the left and the right.  Who’s meaner, uglier and more hateful?  All has ZERO VALUE!  As soon as someone gets hateful, starts yelling. I’m done listening.  They lost me at hello if you want to go there!

I love and respect good debate.  I think a high percentage of people will agree with me on this.  If you want anyone to listen to your viewpoints, then be knowledgeable.  Keep your talking points about the facts, or just state “as my opinion,” that okay too.  But STOP spewing all this bitter noise of “My Opinions Are Always Right” and “Everyone Else is Wrong”!  Name calling is at epidemic proportions you’re a racist, a homophobe, a xenophobe and many others.

We need to get back to RESPECT.  Everyone and I mean EVERYONE needs to have respect for authority.  If not, we’ll end up with anarchy a state of lawlessness. Not in OUR BEST INTERESTS, FACT!

Yes, I Feel Much Better Now… as Dana said, “God Bless”!

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