Accountability Breeds Response-Ability

Accountability Breeds Responsibility

What is Accountability?

Be accountable… define it and break it down!

If you’re unsure what Accountability means, here’s a link to refresh your memory.  Synonyms are; responsibility, liability, answerability.

Accountability Breeds Response-Ability – Stephen R. Covey

Accountability is not a new concept; it’s just a forgotten one.  The lack of accountability starts at the top.  From Washington D.C to our State and Local leaders,   They’ve forgotten how to be honest and truthful.  Telling lies has become the NEW NORMAL!  Thanks to Fact-checking, we can find the truth immediately.

Over eighty-seven percent (87%) of adults use the internet.  Americans use it to connect with one another, to gather information and conduct their day-to-day lives.  It’s the NEW NORMAL.  Not to have a smartphone, or a Facebook account is very unusual, some would even consider that to be ABNORMAL!

I’m not saying the internet is the problem, heck I make my living using it.  What I’m saying that there’s a NEW LEVEL OF ACCOUNTABILITY!  Everything is recorded or posted online, it’s forever and can be fact check instantly!  Lies are aired over and over on News Channels.  Example; If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”.  LIE… No, it’s not out of context, it’s a LIE!  Going back a few years, we were all told Iraq had weapons of mass destruction (stated as fact/truth).  They never found any, and our armed forces are still fighting over there!  It was a Lie!

Now, why is it so hard to tell the truth.  Sometimes the truth hurts or does not coincide with what we want to believe, but facts are facts.  Spinning the facts or stretching the truth makes it worse.   Formulating opinions based on what we have seen on T.V or read somewhere has become very dangerous.  We need to be more accountable, make sure opinions are based on facts and not just someone else’s opinion.  VERY IMPORTANT!  People Lie.  Some are intentional others are just arrogant and push opinions as facts to support their agendas.

Learn to filter through all this BS and get to the real TRUTHS.  Educate yourself on forming opinions.  The truth is available. Just look for it.  Seek and Ye Shall Find!

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